Commit 7b75e526 authored by Cédric Le Ninivin's avatar Cédric Le Ninivin

html5as: Add test for replicate behaviour

parent cc5a223b
......@@ -132,3 +132,51 @@ class TestGracefulWithPortChange(HTML5ASTestCase):
class TestReplicateHTML5AS(HTML5ASTestCase):
This class test the instance with the parameter "port"
instance_parameter_dict = {
"port-1": 8088,
"title-1": "Title 1",
def getInstanceSoftwareType(cls):
return 'replicate'
def getInstanceParameterDict(cls):
return cls.instance_parameter_dict
def test_replicate_instance(self):
# Check First instance is deployed with proper parameters
connection_parameter_dict = self.computer_partition.getConnectionParameterDict()
url = connection_parameter_dict['instance-1-server_url']
self.assertEqual(urlparse(url).port, 8088)
response = self.checkUrlAndGetResponse(url)
result = response.text
self.assertTrue("<h1>Title 1</h1>" in result)
# Check only one instance is deployed by default
self.assertTrue("instance-2-server_url" not in connection_parameter_dict)
# Update replicate quantity parameter
'replicate-quantity': 2,
'port-2': 8089,
'sla-2-computer_guid': self.slap._computer_id,
"title-2": "Title 314",
# Request instance with the one more replicate
# Check the second replicate
connection_parameter_dict = self.requestDefaultInstance().getConnectionParameterDict()
url = connection_parameter_dict['instance-2-server_url']
self.assertEqual(urlparse(url).port, 8089)
response = self.checkUrlAndGetResponse(url)
result = response.text
self.assertTrue("<h1>Title 314</h1>" in result)
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