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    stack/erp5 += WCFS service (technology preview) · 48b24182
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    This complements 7f877621 (Move wendelin.core from Wendelin to ERP5) and
    introduces new WCFS service into ERP5 software-release to support
    upcoming wendelin.core 2. Wendelin.core 2 will introduce new WCFS
    filesystem server component that serves in-ZODB arrays data as OS files
    for Zopes to memory-map. Please see the following links for overview of
    what WCFS is and how it interoperates with and serves Python clients:
    Implementation notes:
    - WCFS is by default disabled in ERP5 - we do not want to load every
      ERP5 user with it in the early days of wendelin.core 2. WCFS service
      will also not work when ERP5 is built with wendelin.core 1, so keeping
      it disabled by default is reasonable for now.
    - There is a duplication for instance-erp5.cfg.in in between stack/erp5/
      and software/slapos-master/ . It was negotiated with VIFIB developers
      to go this way instead of first deduplicating instance-erp5.cfg.in
      copying that was started in 87d13789 (slapos-master: Copy files from
      erp5 stack for local changes).
    To enable wcfs one can either pass `wcfs` configuration parameter, or
    add the following to a software-release that uses stack/erp5:
      wcfs-enable-default = true
    /cc @rafael, @tomo
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