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    Basic setup.py / Makefile to build/install/sdist stuff + bigfile.so skeleton · 5755a6b3
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    It is an early project decision to use gnu99 & Plan9 C extensions, to
    simplify C code.
    So far we only build stub wendelin/bigfile/_bigfile.so .
    Makefile is introduced because there will be targets which are easier to
    handle at make level. For end users no make knowledge is required -
    usual `python setup.py build|install|...` work, redirecting to make
    where necessary.
    As was promised (e870781d "Top-level in-tree import redirector")
    setup.py contains install-time hooks to handle in-tree wendelin.py and
    install it as a module namespace.
    For sdist, we just use `git ls-files` info if we are in a checkout.
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