Commit eed1e4f1 authored by Roque's avatar Roque

testbrowser: regular expression to get cookie value

parent 64a4ec49
......@@ -783,23 +783,25 @@ class MainForm(Form):
(self.browser._username, self.browser._password))
def login(form):
print "Login with user-pass: " + self.browser._username + " - " + self.browser._password
form.getControl(name='__ac_name').value = self.browser._username
form.getControl(name='__ac_password').value = self.browser._password
def setCookies():
Gets the __ac value from the browser headers and sets it as cookie in order to keep
the user logged during the tests. If SimpleCookie can't parse the values,
regular expressions are used.
headers_cookie = self.browser.headers['set-cookie']
cookie = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
if '__ac' in cookie.keys():
ac_value = cookie['__ac'].value
for part in headers_cookie.split(","):
if '__ac=' in part:
for subpart in part.split(";"):
if '__ac=' in subpart:
ac_value = subpart.split("=")[1].replace('"','')
reg = '__ac=\"([A-Za-z0-9%]+)*\"'
match =, headers_cookie)
ac_value = if match else None
self.browser.cookies["__ac"] = ac_value
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